Was your previous air conditioning supplier ambiguous about the specs of your PTAC air conditioning unit? If your air conditioner is a PTAC unit (Package Terminal Air Conditioner) then we are the most adept and qualified to fulfill all your PTAC unit installation and service needs.
But first, there are some things you should know about a PTAC unit.

What sets this PTAC unit air conditioning system apart from the rest?

The main thing to draw from the abbreviation PTAC is the T, standing for terminal. As opposed to your average window or wall conditioner, a PTAC unit is a permanent addition to the house. The unit requires you, the user, to create a hole, or section in the wall for the sleeve of the PTAC Unit. PTAC units are upward in both price and size. The price factor is diminished by the simple fact that the PTAC units connection to the outside does not require it to utilize ventilation.

What climates are PTAC units best suited for?

The climate in which PTAC units work the best is a balanced climate. If a climate is neither extremely hot nor cold, the unit will perform at its best.


- Cost effective per unit
PTAC units air conditioner can be purchased cheaply per unit, based on your preference for placement.

- Easy and Individualized Operation
With a PTAC unit, you are the master of your own environment. Using simple controls, you can gauge how much heat or cool a room needs. Due to the simple fact that the PTAC unit is an individualized unit, making changes to your room temperature will not affect the temperature of the house like a central air conditioner.

- Cost Efficient
Be sure that every penny’s worth of your money is being utilized with this single room approach to air conditioning.


PTAC units can be pricey if purchased in bulk and are a tad bit noisier than other air conditioners.

What PTAC unit air conditioner brands do we carry?

A handful of organizations produce this kind of air conditioner. Our recommendations and service brands are: