Professional Split System Cleaning in NYC

Split System AC cooling is one of the primary tasks to be done as soon as the summers hit New York City. At Weather Makers, we have been serving our clientele with quick and hassle-free split system cleaning so that they can enjoy the summer weather, with comfortable indoors.

The AC units and PTAC systems can usually harbour a lot of unwanted dust, dirt, Mold outgrowth and suspended particles that collect inside the PTAC grills. All of which requires a thorough cleaning if you want to breathe in odour-free, clean air.

At Weather Makers, we improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as well as your thermostat by providing excellent Split System Cleaning in NYC that is recommended by our clients far and wide

Why get Split System AC Cleaning done ahead of the season?

1. Save Money on Your Power Bill

A clean and freshly serviced AC would function much better than an old and clogged one. When you get the cleaning done from professionals, the service quality stands out in your electricity bill as well. We lubricate the system from inside-out, removing all the clutter and waste that hinders the performance of your Split System, making it energy efficient.

2. Microbial Contamination

The second biggest fear is the fear of Microbial Contamination that can take place due to unclean internal parts of the AC system. If the innards are not disinfected regularly and the cleaning is not up to the mark, the microbial growth such as moulds, E. Coli bacteria and other harmful strains of viruses can start breeding inside the AC. These microbes then percolate throughout the house, making it a petri-dish of diseases. Therefore, getting your AC cleaned as deeply as possible is an important task.

3. Your Air Conditioner Will Last Longer

Regular cleaning and maintenance also help increase the average life of your AC, making it a sound investment. AC’s that aren’t regularly maintained can cause hiccups and impromptu breakdowns, making it very difficult for you to use them as per your desires. Hence, Weather Makers make it a point to provide you with deep clean services.

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