Weather Makers NYC

We're encountered Air Conditioning experts who keep on educating ourselves in innovation while keeping up a protected, clean workplace. We rehearse and take after GREEN reusing strategies and laws knowing the significance to NYC, our clients and our families. We surpass required affirmations of NYC and NYS to upgrade our abilities while guaranteeing the accomplishment of our main goal. We endeavor to help our clients, their families and partners appreciate a symphonious, solid, agreeable climate.

Our Values

Trustworthiness – Do the correct thing for the correct reason, we advance genuineness and moral conduct, bring trustworthiness, decency, polished methodology and regard when managing our clients, providers and representatives, while we convey the largest amount of client administration.
Industriousness - Relentlessly and tenaciously seek after greatness while remaining open to arrangements and defeating impediments, keeping client centered until demonstrated achievement.
Group - Committed to give the most noteworthy quality and incentive in aerating and cooling administrations to our group, we exist to serve the group, being included and responsive as a group asset, we partake and contribute where we work together, managing a positive picture and be a put stock in accomplice.
Assorted qualities - Embrace our noticeable and undetectable contrasts, we acknowledge and commend all ages, beliefs, nationalities and races, we trust that these distinctions are what reinforces our organization and our group in general.
​HUMILITY - Recognize that we're not generally right, that thoughts can originate from others, have the capacity to concede our oversights, gain from the missteps of ourselves as well as other people, and recalling that there's dependably a lesson to be learned in everything.
We encourage multicultural values.
Team Work is our motto.

Our Working Hours

Monday – Saturday : 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM