Easily Dispose of Old HVAC or PTAC Units in NYC

According to the Environment Protection Agency(EPA), each year, there are millions of window HVAC units that are disposed of by the residents.

Good news is the Weather Makers help you easily dispose of used and defunct HVAC units lying dormant in your house. We provide an easy way to dispose of such units with our recycling team who will arrange for the disposal.

If you have any HVAC units with you that you wish to dispose of, you can contact us for a visit wherein we’ll pick it up from your place. We run disposal cycles round the year and there’s always availability for picking up old HVAC units. Simply call us and get your defunct AC disposed of in no time.

Why dispose of Old AC Units?

Disposing of Old ACs helps not only you but a number of key stakeholders who are affected by Electronic Waste. Here are the top advantages of disposing of your HVAC units.

  • Dispose of all harmful chemicals and non-biodegradable components that are harmful to the environment.
  • Free space in your apartment or house by letting go of defunct machinery.
  • Easily manage the disposal process with our dedicated team for this task.
  • Save on surmounting disposal costs by working with Weather Makers easy disposal services.

Give us a call at (212) 739-6817 for quick service booking.