Fan Coil Units

A Fan Coil Unit is a suitable HVAC solution for residential and commercial spaces, see how it works, and how we can help you get the best deal.

A Fan Coil UNIT (FCU) operates with a fan and a coil, that work together to cool and heat your air-conditioned space. A Fan Coil Unit (FCU) is a straightforward HVAC unit comprising of a warming coil or a cooling coil and fan. Fan Coil unit flows hot or cool water through a coil with a specific end goal to condition space.

How does it work?

A fan coil unit draws water, either hot or cold, and moves it from a focal plant which runs it through a coil to adjust the temperature of your home or office space.

Systematic Differences

Fan Coil Units can be separated into two categories:

  • Two-pipe fan coils
  • Four-pipe fan coils

The two-pipe fan coil divides the pipes singularly, using one for supply to the unit, and the other for return. Similarly, the four-pipe fan coil unit doubles the number of pipes for the same function. This creates a more efficient functionality.

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You can request an in-home demo, and we will be happy to oblige to all of your questions and concerns.

Brand That We Carry and Highly Recommend Include:

  • ICE AIR Fan Coil Unit
  • DAIKIN Fan Coil Unit
  • TRANE Fan Coil Unit

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