Sleeve and Thru-the-wall Installation in NYC

The Thru-the-wall HVAC systems offer an innovative way to maintain the perfect atmosphere in your home or commercial establishment. It’s a technology that employs an AC fitted with a hole in the wall, contained with a sleeve. This new design is trending across various parts of New York City.

Thru-the-wall installation in NYC is a relatively tricky task and requires special attention to the pre-existing architecture of the place where it is to be installed. At Weather Makers, we carry out the installation, with proper planning, and foresight. We also provide guidance on maintenance and choosing the best HVAC unit.

Executed By Thru-the-wall Installation Experts

We ensure that the installation is done as smoothly as possible, with eye to detail for the room’s design. Hence, we have installation experts who supervise the entire process at no additional cost.

Here are the key features of our Thru-the-wall Installation Offerings

  • Pre Install Survey for checking Installation requirements.
  • Step by Step Installation Plan for easy execution.
  • Quick Turnaround time for getting your installation done timely.
  • Multiple Installation Slots to choose throughout the day.
  • Neat and Clean Installation, with minimum hassles.
  • Warranty on Installs done by us.

Why Go for Thru-the-Wall Design?

The Thru-the-wall design works excellently for rooms with thinner exterior walls and decent window space. You don’t have to compromise on your window anymore, as this design perfectly fits into the wall.

Furthermore, Thru-the-wall installation in NYC offers energy efficiency and a sustained cooling process. It competes with large HVAC units that may consume more power and give lower output. Thru-the-wall systems are designed to provide exceptional cooling, with a minimum spend.

If your room doesn’t have thick walls and you want to maintain decent cooling throughout the day, without worrying too much about electricity, you can choose the Thru-the-wall design.

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