Ducted Units - Repair, Service and Installation

Window air conditioning is the most common and acclaimed air conditioning system in the market. It is the optimal air conditioning system for small spaces where there is no need to install air conditioning units with ventilation.

Working Of A Ducted Unit

Ducted Units draw air from the outside and expels it inward, giving you clean, crisp, and quality air. It includes a ventilation system that removes the warmth and stickiness brought in by the heat during summers. The cold air from the ducted unit decreases the warmth to make the environment comfortable and cool.

Picking the Perfect Window Air Conditioner Unit:

The ideal time to install a window air conditioning unit is late spring because this is the time when the temperature rises rapidly. Before buying an air conditioner, estimate the required size according to space. If you buy the size bigger than the required, it will not provide any benefit. In fact, it will make the space dry. So, be sure to choose the right size.

Features Provided

The ducted air conditioning system has two main features - three-speed fan controls and computerised indoor regulators. These features allow you to control the temperature and commotion that an HVAC unit produces, and make the unit easier to use. Some units even include timers to administer a preset time. This ensures that the temperature in the room suits your preferences exactly when and how you need.

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